paling fence factory

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paling fence factory

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Galvanized, electrostatic spraying steel lawn guardrail guardrail blackish green color, for the overall rail and vertical surface welding and become, bent stem design, can prevent the pedestrian crossing, this green barrier has contracted style appearance, smooth lines, color bright, high strength, mainly is suitable for the urban green belts isolation, park green belts isolation, etc
Adopt international top U.S. imported polyester powder coating color, twenty process strictly to the processing, to ensure the long time use does not rust, does not change color, self-cleaning over a new leaf.
Details of our Fence
Strengths of Action’s four-sided anti-cursor column cap: higher position of the four sided anti-cursor column cap better suits drivers’ observation range, reduces driver’s visual fatigue, improves driving safety.
High wind resistant Cement base: quickly replaceable parts, easy and fast maintenance, high fence strength, high wind resistance.
Strengths of lower pattern resin base: drainage holes on the resin base effectively prevent the long term exposure of moisture to the column, effectively increase service life of the column and enhance beautifying effects.paling fence factory
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